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The purpose of each service and product is to bring out the best in each of us as administrators, educators and students.

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Since the inception of the CCR standards, understanding how to prepare our students’ to be college and career ready has been a difficult task. MorningStahr was created to support the teacher and student in understanding how to successfully implement these new standards for rigorous classroom instruction so that ALL students will be college and career ready.  To help teachers and students understand and facilitate their State and Instructional Standards we offer high-quality professional development and reflective tools.

The classroom is an instrument in developing students to become independent thinkers and to build strong content knowledge in reading, writing, and mathematics. Educators teach students to comprehend, critique, evaluate evidence and most importantly ask the question, “WHY”?

We at MorningStahr believe teachers need the support of others to help make their classroom successful.  We support teachers by providing on-site shoulder to shoulder support, customized workshops, as well as online workshops.  We know that if we equip the teacher with the best strategies our students will be empowered to learn.

We create supplemental print materials for grades K-8 that support standards based instruction.  All our tools work in conjunction with any full curriculum.  Our supplemental products provide rigor and relevance to classroom instruction by allowing the students to do the work while the teacher is the facilitator.  All of our tools are aligned to best practice classroom strategies as well as evidence based understanding of all of the standards.  Students will learn the vocabulary of the standards, how to close read text by understanding what the standards are asking them to do and know, how to speak respectfully in small and whole group settings, and provide evidence for each standard by application.

Products & Services


My Ed Buddy provides administrators with observational tools and checklists to ensure:

  • More Rigorous Classroom Participation
  • More Student Engagement
  • More Student Focused Classrooms
  • Rituals and Routines

My Ed Buddy provides teachers with tools that they need to be "facilitators" in their classrooms, thus providing the necessary resources to prepare students to become College and Career ready.  We provide resources that support:

  • Shared Responsibility of Learning
  • Facilitators of Learning
  • Pathway of Understanding Common Core
  • Follow Writers/Readers Workshops Models
  • Supplemental Tool to support any reading or writing program



Committed to the highest standards of professional learning, our model offers a combination of in-person training, online support, classroom application, job-embedded coaching, and shoulder to shoulder support. Morningstahr Professional Institutes introduces teachers to research-based best practices that support them in making their classroom instruction relevant, engaging, and effective.


Being college ready means being prepared for any post-secondary experience. It means being academically prepared for college to qualify for entry level, credit college coursework without remediation. College preparedness starts in elementary school.

Finally, a product that meets the needs of the educator in the 21st century. Teachers want to teach and in order to do that, they need resources that are effective and yet convenient. I've been in education 20 plus years and appreciate materials that allow me to hone my craft. I need resources that work for and with the rigor of my curriculum. I happen to be a fan, an ardent fan, of Common Core and post my standards each day explaining those standards and my expectations. I like having those standards preprinted and perfectly aligned. Saves time from writing them and I can get right to what I love doing-- teaching! Yes, this is definitely MyEdBuddy!

Jacqulin Cw. McCrary, Principal, Newport, AR

My Ed Buddy is an excellent resource for all teachers implementing the English/Language Arts Common Core standards. The kit outlines the importance of academic language with the general academic words and domain-specific words that are so important for students to succeed. The language structure and text complexity ideas are also insightful. My Ed Buddy has made implementing standards stress free.

Marie Scott, Special Education Teacher, Ohio

I cannot believe that there is a product on the market that supports how our students learn to collaborate, discuss the text, and look for evidence while using the Common Core Standards. It’s difficult for our students to discuss the text however our students stay on target with their collaborative conversations and use accountable talk language thanks to My Ed Buddy. The conversational cards and the accountable talk frames are an excellent resource for any classroom.

Tonja Huff, 2nd Grade Teacher, Illinois