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Welcome to the 21st Century

Technology and culture have changed the education landscape. To be more effective in engaging students in the learning process, we provide educators and administrators tools and services that are research-based to improve learner outcomes.   Morningstahr Professional Institutes provide a range of strategies and coaching tools to help teachers become effective educators and accelerate higher student achievement.

Research-based Best Practices

Focused on high-yield, researched based instructional strategies that result in sustainable improvements in student engagement and achievement, Morningstahr Professional Institutes are designed to transform teaching in ways that systematically impact learning. Our evidence-based professional development services have proven, sustainable, and lasting results which are supported by the strength of the industry’s top educators, including expert on-site and digital online consultants.


Morningstahr is Educational Publishing Company FOCUSED on Student Achievement and College and Career Readiness through Professional Development and K-8 Print Supplemental products. We teach, we empower, we guide, and we encourage. These are Morningstahr’s guiding principals.

In life, I believe, we have a passion, purpose, and a gift that we are to share with others. My passion is children and providing them with all the necessary tools that they need to be empowered. My purpose is to educate those children and to show them that there are no boundaries, only those they create for themselves. My gift is to equip others to support children in reaching their full potential.

-Stephanie Jefferson-Williams

Finally, a product that meets the needs of the educator in the 21st century. Teachers want to teach and in order to do that, they need resources that are effective and yet convenient. I've been in education 20 plus years and appreciate materials that allow me to hone my craft. I need resources that work for and with the rigor of my curriculum. I happen to be a fan, an ardent fan, of Common Core and post my standards each day explaining those standards and my expectations. I like having those standards preprinted and perfectly aligned. Saves time from writing them and I can get right to what I love doing-- teaching! Yes, this is definitely MyEdBuddy!

Jacqulin Cw. McCrary, Principal, Newport, AR

My Ed Buddy is an excellent resource for all teachers implementing the English/Language Arts Common Core standards. The kit outlines the importance of academic language with the general academic words and domain-specific words that are so important for students to succeed. The language structure and text complexity ideas are also insightful. My Ed Buddy has made implementing standards stress free.

Marie Scott, Special Education Teacher, Ohio

I cannot believe that there is a product on the market that supports how our students learn to collaborate, discuss the text, and look for evidence while using the Common Core Standards. It’s difficult for our students to discuss the text however our students stay on target with their collaborative conversations and use accountable talk language thanks to My Ed Buddy. The conversational cards and the accountable talk frames are an excellent resource for any classroom.

Tonja Huff, 2nd Grade Teacher, Illinois